Our dynamic in house marketing experience, has been serving the market since 1964 and worked to introduce our products to the market in such a manner as to deliver a message of pride and integrity. Although having a strong presence in the plastic industry, we found diversity has lead us to service the liquor, tobacco, medical, transport, shopping and other specialized industries.

Precision Plastics has a long reputation for managing small to large -scale logistics and our public safety provisions are second to none. A fleet of 7 trucks and ldv’s at our disposal and all monitored via satellite, ensure deliver quotes are met safely and on time. This being just another reason why Precision Plastics is the right choice for you.

Our dynamic, fully equipped tool room specializes in design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds. All our moulds are manufactured in-house utilizing the latest state of the art CNC milling machines CNC lathes and are all manned by qualified technicians. Surface grinding, spark erosion and wire cutting are also done in house to produce the best quality moulds for the industry.

Our above facilities are further complimented by an in-house CAD/CAM design department. With a strong infrastructure we can ensure a great product with lead times being short as possible.

  • Extrusion Moulds
  • Plastic Injection Moulds
  • Blow Moulds
  • Wire Cutting

We also do

  • General Engineering
  • Boiler Making

We can assist you, not just on a production level, but also on an engineering level. By creating the design, the mould and production all under one roof, we ensure continuity, integrity and consistency throughout every element.

Precision Plastics has been established to become a multi faceted company participating in a variety of industries. Our speciality is plastics injection moulding, supplying products to a world wide international client base. Our production teamwork through every nuance of a run, ensuring integrity and consistency of the final product.


All of them sporting state of the art computers and sophisticated core pulling and screwing capabilities, and excellent quality .


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